The experts at Taste of the Vine are led by Francis, Peter and Richard. The last fifteen years have seen the events evolve into a highly polished blend of information, interaction and comedy.

Taste of the Vine formats have been crafted from a deep base of subject knowledge. However, unlike many tasting-based events, they are not lectures, sales-pitches or guessing-games reliant on guests' prior knowledge. They are a blend of tasting, interactive theatre, comedy and skill development.

Artisan Cheese & Wine Matching: This fun event combines a challenge, interaction, humour and the skills of matching cheese and wine. This event can be run in a variety of ways, ranging from an informative exploration of fine cheese and wine, to an interactive tasting and challenge with quizzes.

Success: The secret to the success of the event is that guests are given new skills at the outset which they use during the event; whether simply to enhance understanding and enjoyment, or to enable them to complete a series of tasting challenges.

A Taste of Britain: Entertain your group with this engaging tasting and challenge based on the finest English wine, Welsh Ale and Scottish Whisky. Since the late nineties England has blossomed vinously, with fine wine producers regularly topping international competitions. The Welsh have long been brewing the most exquisite examples of real ale, and there’s little that needs to be added to enhance the reputation of Scottish malt whisky. In this event your guests experience the very finest wines, beers and whiskies Britain has to offer.

Blind Tasting Challenge: Have you ever wondered how Masters of Wine identify grapes, countries and years in wine without seeing the label? With the unique formulas behind the Taste of the Vine Blind Tasting Challenge you and your guests will be enthralled at just how much you can detect in wine and how quickly the skills can be developed. Guests will also learn to unlock the mysteries of picking good from bad, finding the bargains and avoiding corked and problem wines. The success rates for the challenge are high, for expert & novice alike, as the challenge is not reliant on prior knowledge.

Fine Wine Tasting: An opportunity to explore the world of fine wine with a gently interactive twist. To create a unique experience for your guests you need more than a few bottles of fine wine and an expert; you require a blend of different factors to ensure success. An informal though informative structure is essential, with an emphasis on guests interacting with one another.

Humour and approachability are also vital to engaging all present at your event; this is the only way to hold a room. We will tailor the format to suit your occasion. Whether we are leading your guests on a virtual tour of the world’s greatest wine producing regions or tasting one Château through the years, we ensure the format will engage all equally.

Other available events: Hall of Challanges, Label Match Game, No Taste Like Home, The Next Big Thing, Who's Wine is it Anyway?, Wine Auction Challenge, Wine Investment Challenge.


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