Our treasure hunts are for 8-300 people. We run them in the UK and abroad and write them specially for you wherever you want them to be. All of them include scavenger hunt elements, too. They are highly participative, great as team-building activities and also perfect for private parties.

Our treasure hunt ideas are the result of more than twenty years’ experience of providing enjoyable team activities for people of all ages. Our team-building treasure hunts can be tailored to include specific training objectives. Our professionally-run treasure hunts take place in every kind of location – anything from a city centre or picturesque village to a country park or the grounds of a conference centre.

Stop-offs at various pubs are generally part of the journey, too. Because they are bespoke treasure hunts, we tailor them to suit where you want to be and what you want to achieve. We’ve run them on foot, in cars, on bikes – even on horseback.

As well as being great fun, our treasure hunts also achieve some excellent team-building results. They bring people together to face an interesting, unfamiliar challenge. They create new friendships, strengthen existing bonds and help repair broken ones. They show everyone how vital good teamwork is. They get everyone involved.

During our treasure hunts, people practice the skills every workplace needs. Good organisation, good time management, good delegation, good decision making, good communication, the ability to process new information quickly and to act on it effectively.

The objectives we give teams are both demanding and fun. They draw on different individual strengths: logic, creativity, imagination, perseverance, attention to detail. Because the process is so enjoyable, more is learned and more is remembered than might be the case with a standard training or team-building activity.


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