Laser Tag is Fun for ALL the Family from 8 years of age. It is similar to Paintball but Laser Tag is something different that all the Family can join in with where you can experience the thrill, adventure and adrenalin associated with Paintballing but without any of the risks.

We use state of the art laser beam technology and you can play out all your action and adventure in our action packed Game Zones. The great thing about Laser Tag is that there are no additional costs involved. All players get multiple lives and all the ammunition is included in the entry cost. #

We can run Laser Tag games for children with adults as long as the adults are part of the same group or the Laser Tag games can purely be for children or purely for adults. We have built up an excellent reputation and people return again and again to us.

Double Flag Games - The format of the game involves retrieving the opposition’s flag as well as retaining their own.

Attack and Defend Games – each team assumes the roles of attacking and the other defending. Usually involves a building or object to be defended with teams either winning by completing the objective or by successfully defending.

Centre Flag Games – each team starts from a post at each end of the arena with the flag in the middle. When the whistle goes you get to the flag first – Hopefully!!! And then you have to goal the flag on the opposite post. Are you cunning enough.

Amphibious assault – Based around some of the most extreme terrain Wild Park has to offer, teams are camped out either side of a woodland oasis!! The woodland in this arena is some of the youngest we have, so trees are smaller but there’s more of them so the cover is intense, the terrain varies from flat undulating to vertical banks all in the space of a few hundred yards.

Morning Glory - Wake up to the biggest surprise ever! On the largest arena we have, you’ll find plenty of cover as you hunt down the enemy. Gorges bisect the arena, streams criss-cross the swamp, graves of past heroes litter the ground, will you have the courage to honour failed?

Heroes Hill – One team dug in on a bank surrounding a hut bound by a stream. The enemy have to cross the stream and capture the flag on the front of the hut. Have you got the Balls to charge!

Tower – One teams objective is to deliver a bomb onto the tower to destroy it. The other teams objective is to capture the bomb and foil the mission by keeping it away from the tower.

Trenches – The barren waste ground emulates no mans land of the 1st world war. It’s ‘Brave Heart’ meets ‘Dad’s army’ as you battle to capture the enemies territory and deliver the hostage safely.

Suicide Alley – This game separates the talkers from the walkers. Flag in the centre, teams face each other and first to the flag without being shot wins 20 points; and that’s the start of the game!!! To win the game you have to goal the flag on the opposing teams post, obviously you have to eliminate the enemy to achieve it!

Mound – The Mound is a mixture of woods and old open field filled with cars, mostly crashed by Jamie!! It is also an old burial ground so it is a real grave yard with the odd ghost thrown in for good measure.

Draka – The Draka Field is made up of huge Cable Bobbins. This is a very open game zone where you can’t hang around, played as a single or double flag game.

Little Wood - Jungle war fare at it’s best not for the faint hearted, lots of stinging nettles to dive into or deep water very dense in places. A variety of games, the game zone covers nearly two acres, we have lost one or two team members here!



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