It's a Knockout is Britain's best team building tournament. You can't beat it for mad moments, belly laughs and nostalgia.

Looking for an unforgettable experience? You've struck gold. This incomparable event hits the right note for all sorts of special occasions. From charity and corporate events to stag and hen parties. It's a Knockout is all about losing inhibitions and embracing new experiences.

Safe, fun and incredibly entertaining, It's a Knockout ticks all the boxes. Anyone can take part, regardless of age or fitness levels. Join forces with friends, family or colleagues to complete wacky and wonderful challenges. A 'let's go for it' attitude and a sense of humour is all you need.

Expect giant costumes. Bouncy castles. Inflatable obstacle courses. Plus plenty of foam and gallons of water. That's just for starters. You could be building a Giant Inflatable Burger, Fighting your way through a giant foam-filled Washing Machine or climbing a Slippery Summit.

Top Activities:

Slippery Summit: Because there "ain't no mountain high enough" we have an inflatable substitute! In an attempt to recreate Hannibal's exploits, you'll be required to make as many climbs of this mountain with the aid of the rope. Sounds easy, until you see the soap and water! A game that will require as many of your team members to make as many trips over the inflatable in the alotted time.

Wacky Waiters: Dressed as a giant waiter, one member of your team must successfully deliver a set menu to the dining guests. Your team will assist by using giant over size knives, forks and spoons, in an attempt to complete a 'food chain'. If the food drops on the floor it's back to the kitchen!!

Penguin Pursuit: On the whistle, the penguins run anticlockwise around a course. All each penguin has to do is catch the penguin in front to eliminate them from the heat. The remaining penguins must enter the ring of ice, for a penguin sumo to the death.

Fools Gold: One person from your team will climb into the giant Pirate costume, the rest of team have the task of helping the Pirate catch and transport the cannon balls after they are fired from the live cannons. Using giant fishing nets, live cannon balls and quick reflexes, can your team be the best and collect the most balls?

It's a Knockout took TV by storm during the 70s and 80s. Grab the golden opportunity to experience the fun for real.


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