Nothing helps to build a team more than the process of creating music and rhythm together.

We  use the extraordinary and unique power of drumming, which has been used for thousands of years to strengthen and motivate teams. Our drumming events are the perfect combination of a highly entertaining activity and a practical team building experience.

Early tribal man used group drumming to communicate and strengthen village relationships. Through time, rhythms were then introduced to more social and religious rituals. As civilisations grew, armies used drums and rhythm to focus, motivate and energise.

Rhythm has become more prominent in our lives with each generation. Today, we are surrounded by rhythms: from the moment we wake up with the beat of the morning alarm, as we travel to work by car (for example, as we listen to the radio or the beating of windscreen wipers and indicators), as we travel by train (for example, hearing the sound of the rail tracks), to the time we get home and watch TV or play a new CD.

Rhythm can have a profound effect on us, both consciously and subconsciously. In our team building event, we harness and release the power of rhythm to bring people together and to energise and motivate them.

Ice Breakers: Bored of the traditional ice breaker? Then why don’t you try drumming as an ice breaker instead? Tremendous fun, fully inclusive and highly effective. Drumming will relax tensions, energise, motivate and inspire like no other ice breaker. The atmosphere of your room will be transformed in minutes.


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