The aim of all the Every Dance workshops is primarily to have fun, so they're designed with laughter and encouragement in mind. They won't make you a master performer by the end of the day but you will, hopefully, have enjoyed the social atmosphere, raised your heart rate, listened to some fabulous music, and had a lot to smile about.

Here at Every Dance we think that's a pretty wonderful aim. We will always try and tailor a workshop to your needs, so please ask. You can mix and match styles of dance or even ask for choreography to a music track of your choice.

A taste of India: The hugely successful Bombay film industry - known universally as Bollywood - is one of the most prolific in the world. And a Bollywood movie is not a Bollywood movie without a generous helping of song and dance. In this workshop you'll get a taste of this dance style which, although mainly Indian in flavour, incorporates a fusion of hip-hop, Arabic, Latin, and a host of other dance styles.

Originating in the Punjab, Northern India, Bhangra is a vibrant form of dance, whose music has a strong and defined beat. Today's bhangra has evolved from it's traditional roots when Punjabi farmers celebrated the harvest and imitated their lives in dance. Nowadays it has become a great performance or nightclub dance, and an increasingly popular way to keep fit.

Bellydance: There are several different types of Bellydance ranging from the subtle Raqs Sharki from Arabia to the modern Goth Bellydance with it's big and bold moves. We teach a mixture of moves in a taster workshop so that you can make up your own mind about which you prefer - but they're all pretty great!

Latin Flavours: The tremendously popular styles of New York salsa, Cuban salsa, Cha Cha, Rumba, Samba, Merengue, Bachata, and other Latin dances make up this great series of workshops. If there are Latin dances you can't find on our list, please ask as we may be working on them already.

Street Dance: Sassy, up-to-the minute moves are what Street Dance is all about. You'll see this style of dance on music videos. It's vibrant, funky and full of attitude. We update our choreography so that our tracks are always current (but you can ask for an oldie if you have a favourite). This dance style isn't just for the young - it's a great way to enjoy dance for the young-at-heart, too!

Through the Decades: This series of workshops was born out of a huge demand for learning the dances that were once the hottest thing in the country. From the Jazz Age of the '20s to the street-dancing '90s, there's an awful lot going on in these workshops you won't want to miss.

Movies: This series does what it says on the can. You can try out well-known dances from the movies and find out what it's like to dance like John Travolta or rock to The Blues Brothers. Where specific steps are seen in the film, we will stick to these. Where few or no steps accompany the songs, Every Dance has choreographed style-applicable moves.

Jumpin' Jive: Modern jive is the fast-track to learning partner dance. Because you don't really have to worry about what your feet are doing, you can learn the basic moves relatively quickly, and start mixing and matching them. A great introduction to partner dance.

Ballroom: Ballroom has always been popular, but since TV's 'Strictly Come Dancing' it has boomed. Hip Hop: Born on the streets of urban America, and with its roots in African dance, hip hop has become ever more popular due to MTV videos in this style. It's a high energy dance and can be performed or freestyled to anything with a definite, heavy beat (especially Rap and R'nB).

Line Dancing: Imported from the United States, and a huge hit in 1990's Britain, there are still countless line dance groups up and down the country. You can dance it to Country and Western music, or to just about any other kind of music you like. It's adaptable, social and great fun. And you even get to shout 'yee haw!'.


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