Our workshops are dynamic musical events. Group drumming taps into core energies and stimulates participation. It breaks down barriers, reduces stress, develops group cohesiveness and builds team spirit.

Our drum workshops are ideal for corporate events, team building, schools and parties.

South African Gumboot Dancing: Gumboot dancing originated in the mines during apartheid in South Africa. The workers made music with the only things available to them: their voices, hands, and rubber gumboots! This dynamic and powerful dance style consists of rhythmic slaps, claps, stomping and singing. Don't forget to bring your wellies!

African Dancing: In African dance daily life is an inexhaustible source from which it draws its inspiration. It's expressive, dynamic, and asks a total involvement of the body and the mind. It is a perfect way to break away from every day routines. All muscles of the body are stimulated in a most pleasant way. African dance is a good way to release stress and revives the energy. In most parts of the world making music, singing and dancing belong together.

Why should you stand still when the music wants to make you dance? Why keep quiet, when the music invites you to sing? Our workshops are tailor-made for each client and occasion. Whether it is a corporate event, team building, a school drumming workshop, a children's party or a private function. We'll give a workshop that will suit your needs. Everybody can take part in our workshops, no experience is needed.


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