We provide exciting and unique CSI forensic science murder mystery corporate events. No previous scientific expertise is required! A member of the hotel staff has been murdered on site.

Your teams have to find out exactly what happened in the crime by examining the scene and then carrying out many practical forensic science examinations. This includes blood patterns, DNA profiles, footwear marks, fingerprints, a broken vehicle light lens, an anonymous letter, analysing ink, and looking at deleted mobile phone messages.

The police have three suspects but you have to find out who did what – and are there others involved whom the police have not identified yet? Your team will have many different roles – crime scene specialist, DNA reporter, fingerprint expert, blood pattern specialist and more – plus a coordinator and reporter who will put all the evidence together in time for the final round up.

There is then an amazing role-play courtroom trial with your team members playing the judge, a barrister, a police officer, the accused, the forensic expert and the relatives of the accused. The trial, which may well be hilarious as well as serving the vital need to ensure justice is done, is only partly scripted and so there is plenty of chance for your team members to show their legal, scientific and acting expertise!

The event can accommodate up to 60 individuals in 6 teams of 10 and is carried out over three hours making it ideal for a half-day or evening session. It will be led by a formal professional forensic scientist.

The event is an activity that supports team effectiveness and the strengthening of staff relationships through close joint working against timescales - whilst having a lot of fun and learning new skills.

The need for the central elements of teamwork are very clearly demonstrated: clear roles and responsibilities; an effective mix of skills; good communication; collaborative ideas generation; and sound leadership.


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