Be inspired and work with your team alongside a well known chef. This fun day can evolve around whatever incentive you wish, should it be serious or fun or elements of both.

Your chef will teach you some of the tricks of the trade and inspire you to culinary greatness! Whether you are creating a delicious three course gourmet meal, a selection of indulgent canapés or specialist dishes - you will be pro's by the end!

We work with a range of renowned chefs who are both knowledgeable as well as being dynamic entertainers - that can create a great atmosphere for you and your colleagues.

Chefs with whom we have worked include Anthony Worrell Thompson, Brian Turner and Jean Christoph Novelli. The format can be structured in a number of ways from competitive team work with prescribed objectives to client entertainment.

Whatever you choose, this is a fantastic team exercise to build a positive team spirit and bond together out of the office.


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