Our culinary team building activities are fun, exciting, available anywhere and tasty too!

These culinary activities aren’t just loads of fun, they are also tools for some of the most powerful personal learning experiences we see with our clients. Managers and participants alike are often amazed by how much they learn to improve tolerance, communication skills and effective collaboration with Teamcakes, Chocolate Challenge, Cocktail Challenge and Canapé Challenge.

This collection especially enhances timing, planning, creativity and trust.

Cocktail Challenge: Teams are allocated a workstation and a selection of ingredients. Their challenge is to design and plan a themed, four course dinner menu and then devise and create a cocktail to complement it.

Canapé Challenge: Teams are allocated a workstation with equipment and a selection of ingredients. Their challenge is to devise, design and deliver a selection of canapés.

Teamcakes: Groups are divided into pairs or threes at individual workstations where their challenge is to decorate a sponge cake as creatively as they can with one member always blindfolded.


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