Singingworks sets up and runs choirs at work and one off teambuilds. We sing everything. We bring in specialists for Opera, Gospel, Rock and Musical Theatre sessions and voice coaches to help you find your voice.

Singing in a choir, standing shoulder to shoulder, facing the same direction, being part of a joint endeavour creates powerful bonds between people. Individually we may be ordinary but together we can make the most extraordinary sound.

Singing involves: getting out of your comfort zone, focusing, listening, working as a team. Performing is about confidence, overcoming fear, really engaging with your audience. All these skills are transferable. Many poor singers are great performers.

We do the best teambuilds EVER. We can do anything from a simple one hour rush of vocal adrenalin with one of our amazing Musical Directors to putting on a large scale public performance complete with orchestra, band, lights, staging, film…we’ll go as far as you want to.

Performing in public forces people out of their comfort zone - we “feel” how much we need each other when faced with a performance challenge and that fear welds people together. You’ll have never have seen your team more united. Singing forces us to reveal our true selves.

We have to use our own voice. Our voices are a unique and powerful part of our identity. When you sing together you get to meet your colleagues as they really are: amazing. Singing forces all our gifts to the surface.

Our “victims” never believe that they are going to be able to perform a BIG piece of music, in at least 4 part harmony, possibly in another language, maybe with moves, in two hours flat……and do it brilliantly. Walk out to a richly deserved standing ovation. It’s this journey from panic and fear (when we tell people what they are going to be doing -after we’ve locked the doors!) to euphoria and triumph, that make our performance challenges unforgettable.

We often do a 20-30 minute training session beforehand where we explain some of the things they will be learning from the performance experience: the 12 ways in which "choir" is a perfect metaphor for a harmonious and effective team; the roles people play in a team; how the inner voice determines performance.


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