Ever seen the film 'Wallace and Gromit' and thought "I'd like to have a go at that"? Well now you can with the Seriously Cool Events Animation Creation Film workshop!

Join the world famous Animated Film Producers such as Aardman and Walt Disney. Using British Standard equipment and guided by experienced animation film making professionals, including one of the animators from the Wallace and Gromit 'Curse of the Were Rabbit'! Bring your characters to life through the amazing event of animation.

Producing an animation allows a team to become a film crew for the day – building skills in confidence, communication and co-operation. The animation can be made just for fun or even as a resource; perhaps a feature for the company website or an inter-office highlight of team-values. The structure of the session is extremely flexible; a team can either work to a brief set by us or can come with their own idea that they would like us to support.

If you are worried that your group may not be creative enough to produce their own models then fear not! Each participant is given a 'mini me' morph type character which is made by your professional animator. This gives you a professional looking model no matter your level of skill or creativity.

Team Apprentice: This absolutely fabulous team event is a complete spin off from the 'Team Apprentice' and 'Dragons Den' hit TV shows! However with this team event you are using animated characters and the art of creative animation! It is just completely brilliant and one that we get overly excited about! The event is run can be run at any location and in either full or half day formats.

Under the professional guidance of one of the animators from the Wallace and Gromit move 'The Curse of the Were Rabbit' teams will make animated characters; conceive a new imagined or fantasy product or service and then create an animated commercial to sell it!

The Animation Plasticine Apprentice event allows a team to become a film crew for the day as well as brainstorming as teams in the apprentice style! Teams build skills in confidence, communication and co-operation that is in a fun and unique environment. No idea is too big or bold!


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