If you are looking for the ultimate 4x4 off road driving experience then this is the best place to begin.

With 250 acres of Off Roading heaven to choose from, we can make your 4x4 Off Road Driving Experience one to remember.The 4x4 Blindfold Driving Challenge is just one of them and could be part of a fun driving experience day with family, friends or a teambuilding event.

Development Areas: Teambuilding, Communication Skills, Co-ordination Skills, Problem Solving, Group Skills. This challenge is very funny to take part in!

Driving our 4x4 vehicles around a coned obstacle course whilst wearing a blindfold! and trusting your (back seat drivers) passengers to tell you which direction to take and when to turn. This is a test of communication and trust - often with enlightening results! especially as the adults take turn to drive blindfolded.

Did you realise that when blindfolded you can't even tell if the car is moving? All the team will be talking about this when they are back in the office for weeks after!

Above all, our instructors make sure that everyone who takes part has fun!



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